Thaxted – St John the Baptist

This visit was on 13th May 2019. We have been here several times – it’s a lovely big church and is always open, also the town is very scenic with old buildings and little cafes, lots of thatched cottages near the church and of course the windmill. And best of all, there is a FREE car park just yards from the church, with loos!

There are more photos of both the exterior and interior on other entries on this blog.

St John the Baptist – Thaxted



Broxted – St Mary the Virgin

We visited this pretty country church on 13th May 2019, and it was bright and sunny. The church was open. It was surrounded by fields, one with sheep in it, and everywhere the trees were growing leaves, and clouds of Queen Anne’s lace bordering the roads and fields. Essex at its finest.

St Mary the Virgin – Broxted



Great Easton – St John and St Giles

We visited this church on 13th May 2019, and it was a bright sunny day, so bright that the photos are a bit too contrasty. It’s in a lovely rural setting, just a few houses nearby and a village green beside the churchyard.

St John and St Giles, Great Easton

(Google wouldn’t show a map here, sometimes it just won’t!)


The church was open.



Lindsell – St Mary the Virgin

We visited this church on 13th May 2019. It was sunny and bright and the photos are all a bit contrasty because of the brightness. The church is approached down a little lane and then past the front of Lindsell Hall – it felt a bit obtrusive but it was obviously the only way so they must get used to people going past!

The church was closed because work was being done, and there was a large van parked right in front of it so I have tried to get photos without the van in.

St Mary the Virgin, Lindsell


Rettendon – All Saints

I have posted several photos of this church before, but on 28th April 2019 I came here on Sunday morning to ring, my first time inside the church. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the interior (apart from the ringing room) as we were running late after having dashed over from Eastwood church, and we had to get on with ringing! It is a 6 bell tower.

All Saints – Rettendon


Ringing room:


High Beach – The Church of the Holy Innocents

We visited this church in Epping Forest on 30th April 2019. It was fairly warm, with sunny intervals, unfortunately the church was locked. It’s in a lovely location, surrounded by forest.

The Church of the Holy Innocents, High Beach


I had my regular Panasonic Lumix with 20mm lens plus my Nikon D750 with a fisheye lens, so a crazy mix of photos here 🙂

Goldhanger – St Peter’s

We visited St Peter’s on a bright and warm day on 23rd April 2019. The church was flying the flag of St George.

St Peter’s – Goldhanger

The church was closed, but the churchyard was well cared for and kept up. At the back there are fields, and then a view across to the sea wall at Goldhanger Creek on the river Blackwater. There was a notice about bellringing on the noticeboard by the road, I was glad to see that 🙂