Brightlingsea – All Saints with St James

We visited this church on 7th September 2018. It was closed. It is situated on a hill outside the town, with fields all around and there is a wooden turnstile beside the lynch gate.  It has got a huge churchyard. The tower is tall and very fine, with niches on two sides, empty but presumably originally had figures in them. There was a patch of mint in the churchyard, it smelled lovely as we walked over it. Out the back, looking down the hill, we could see a creek.

All Saints with St James at Brightlingsea

Ulting – All Saints

We paid a visit to this little church on a very wet and humid day, 29th May 2018. The air was still and full of gnats, and it was completely silent. You used to be able to park in an area just outside the gate to the churchyard but unfortunately this area has had to be closed off due to vandals and now you have to park at the top of the lane and walk down. No hardship though, the track leads down past an extension to the graveyard and then a house and back garden, all very interesting for nosey people like me 🙂


The church was locked so all pictures are of the outside:


Sutton with Shopland – All Saints

We visited this redundant church on 13th May 2018, it was closed as it’s not now being used as a church. But it’s being well maintained, the churchyard was looking good and there is a church hall beside it which is obviously being used. The church is now owned by Sutton Hall next to it, and there is a drive to the hall going past the side of the churchyard.

All Saints, Sutton with Shopland

There was pretty frothy Queen Anne’s Lace all around and the rape field opposite was still in flower. Beautiful English springtime 🙂



Rettendon – All Saints

Visited on 26th November 2017 . . . not to see the church, rather to fly my son-in-law’s drone plane!

It was very very cold, but bright, a perfect day for flying 🙂

All Saints church, Rettendon

It was a Sunday morning, and while we were playing with the drone the bells started. First they were rung up and then the ringers rang all 6 bells. A nice surprise for me 🙂


North Benfleet – All Saints

We visited this church on a bright and sunny Sunday morning. It was down a little lane, past a few houses and through some farm grounds. There was a service going on but we didn’t go in.

The church was in disrepair for many years but since March 2013 it has been used by the Greek Orthodox church. There was some fencing around the south side of the church and a lot of dead climbing plant over the south side of the tower, probably ivy. It had been cut back at the bottom so presumably will be removed at some point.

north benfleet, all saints, essex, church, greek orthodox
All Saints Greek Orthodox church at North Benfleet

Exterior of the church:

The churchyard:


Sign in north porch

Ulting – All Saints

This little church is delightfully situated right on the banks of the river Chelmer. You have to drive down quite a long lane past several back gardens, it’s very private and discreetly located.

We have visited twice: on 14th July 2011 and on 29th April 2013. These photos are a mixture from those visits.

all saints, ulting, river Chelmer, essex, church
All Saints in Ulting, on the banks of the river Chelmer. There is a noticeboard for people arriving via the river
all saints, ulting, river Chelmer, essex, church
The north wall, a bit patched up in places, and woodpecker holes in the wooden spire

Exterior and churchyard:


The noticeboard:

all saints, ulting, river Chelmer, essex, church
The noticeboard