Broomfield – St Mary with St Leonard

We visited this pretty church on 1st February, the church was closed. The weather was cold and the sun was in and out . . . mostly in 😦

St Mary with St Leonard, Broomfield


With its round tower topped with a tall steeple, it is like a fairytale church.


Mundon – St Mary’s (redundant church)

We visited St Mary’s in Mundon on 31st January 2018. It was bitterly cold and we caught it between showers of sleet, fortunately the sun came out for us though 🙂

It is redundant, but not deconsecrated. At the back of the church is a field and you can walk across it to the Mundon petrified oaks. We were hoping to do this but it was so muddy that it would have been a very unpleasant walk and our white fluffy dog would have got filthy.

St Mary’s, Mundon
Notice about the church