Great Wakering – St Nicholas

We visited this church on 13th May 2018, on a bright and breezy spring afternoon. The church was locked.

St Nicholas, Great Wakering


Tolleshunt d’Arcy – St Nicholas

We visited this church on a cold late afternoon after a sleet shower, on 31st January 2018. The church was closed. I was looking for the gravestone of Margery Allingham, but I didn’t find it.

DSC_9965-Edit 3 final
St Nicholas, Tolleshunt d’Arcy – snowdrops and sleet in the pink late afternoon light


Great Wakering – St Nicholas

I visited this church on 16th September for an EACR District Meeting, with ringing followed by a service and then tea.

great wakering, st nicholas, essex, church
St Nicholas, Great Wakering

It was a beautiful day, sunny but with rain clouds amassing in the distance, making a wonderful contrast between the bright church and grounds and the dark sky.

The church has a ground floor ring of 6 bells, of which the treble and #2 are very flat (and the #2 is a quarter tone higher in pitch than the treble) and the #3 is slightly flat. Long draught, and the treble ringer is squashed up against the a cupboard!

Lovely situation at the end of the long High Street in Wakering with some old cottages surrounding it.




Rawreth – St Nicholas

We first walked around this church on 1st April 2013, on a chilly overcast day. It’s a beautiful church out in the countryside.

rawreth, st nicholas, essex, church
St Nicholas, Rawreth

We visited again on 9th September 2017, to hear my sister H singing with the Allegro choir. It was twilight as we arrived, and the exterior lights were just going on. We left in full darkness at about 10pm and the air was soft and smelled of autumn . . . no street lights either as it is out in the countryside.

Exterior and churchyard (2013):

Noticeboard (2013):

rawreth, st nicholas, essex, church
The noticeboard

Canewdon – St Nicholas

Canewdon is near where I live and I have got photos from six visits, ranging from April 2008 to March 2017. The church is on a hill (all of the village of Canewdon is on a hill) and is clearly visible for miles around. It has 8 bells, and I rang them on March 18th 2017.

canewdon, st nicholas, essex, church
A bit dramatic, using a wide-angle lens, but at least I have got most of the church in shot

Exterior and environs:



View from the top of the tower:


Bell ringing at an Essex Association of Change Ringers Southern District meeting on 18th March 2017


canewdon, st nicholas, essex, church
The mossy noticeboard