Fingringhoe – St Andrew’s

We visited this church on 14th July 2017, the weather was breezy with sunny intervals so some of the photos are in sunlight, some in shade. The church was open but there was a school class inside so we didn’t go in.

The church has a beautiful striped tower and fine flint decorative work on both the tower and the south porch. Inside the porch was a sign that read “Saint Ouen (alias Saint Andrew) Fingringhoe”.

The churchyard slopes down behind the church, and there is a black weatherboarded cottage at the bottom of the hill. Paths had been mown between some of the gravestones but most of it was overgrown with wild flowers and grass. There are a lot of photos here but I make no apologies, it was all very picturesque 🙂

fingringhoe, st andrews, essex, church
St Andrew’s, Fingringhoe
st andrews, essex, fingringhoe, church
Harebells growing beside a mossy gravestone

Church exterior:

In the churchyard:

Noticeboard outside the church:

st andrews, essex, fingringhoe, church
The noticeboard

Noticeboard inside the porch:

st andrews, essex, fingringhoe, church
St Ouen noticeboard