West Tilbury – St James (closed)

We passed by this church on 27th March 2019, on a dull day weather-wise.

This church was closed in 1979 and now appears to be a private residence. There are stone dragons on the top of the lych gate, and a large woodpile, so presumably there is a wood-burning stove inside. Also several lamps in the grounds, they don’t look like church lamps. Visitors still have access to the churchyard, although the church itself and its grounds are private.

This church is visible from the Tilbury loop railway line, and I have always been curious about it.


Sutton with Shopland – All Saints

We visited this redundant church on 13th May 2018, it was closed as it’s not now being used as a church. But it’s being well maintained, the churchyard was looking good and there is a church hall beside it which is obviously being used. The church is now owned by Sutton Hall next to it, and there is a drive to the hall going past the side of the churchyard.

All Saints, Sutton with Shopland

There was pretty frothy Queen Anne’s Lace all around and the rape field opposite was still in flower. Beautiful English springtime 🙂



Mundon – St Mary’s (redundant church)

We visited St Mary’s in Mundon on 31st January 2018. It was bitterly cold and we caught it between showers of sleet, fortunately the sun came out for us though 🙂

It is redundant, but not deconsecrated. At the back of the church is a field and you can walk across it to the Mundon petrified oaks. We were hoping to do this but it was so muddy that it would have been a very unpleasant walk and our white fluffy dog would have got filthy.

St Mary’s, Mundon
Notice about the church